Monday, October 25, 2010

Is It Over Before It's Over?

I was considerably disturbed by this story.

It would appear that Obama is conceding ground to the Conservatives before the election has even taken place. It would appear that the GOP is making demands before the election has even taken place. Is it over before it's over?

Is this simply one more case of a President with no balls, and Republicans with no brains, or is there something deeper going on here?

Even without venturing onto the dangerous ground of conspiracy theories, I think I can confidently say that all of us have ample justification for a healthy ration of skepticism regarding the whole election process, especially after the events of 2000. "Hanging chad", my hairy ass.

But there is something very odd about Obama. Birth Certificate issues aside, the man has increasingly seemed to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, a Conservative in Progressive's clothing. One who definitely pulled the wool over our eyes.

Did we get totally conned? Was he nothing more than a cat's paw for the Reactionaries, from the very start, a la Manchurian Candidate?

These are strange days indeed, my friends, strange and scary days indeed.

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  1. Considering the stranglehold that Big Business had over this country even before 2008, I don't see how Obama could possibly have been *allowed* to get elected without whispering the right things into the ears of the right people.

    If the established powers genuinely believed that he was going to deliver on the kind of Change he promised, they would have destroyed him long before he even got the nomination.