Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Morning After

My friend and colleague Kenstone has posted a rather hyper-critical morning after rant, of the sort we'll be seeing a great deal of in the hours and days to come. And so, with all due respect and affection for Kemstone, my reply is this -


Spare us the morning-after guilt trip. If you want to flagellate yourself, go for it, but don't go splattering your mea culpa on me, please.

I did my part. I voted, and I voted with a conscience. In California, the Democrats did fairly well, even if Prop 19 didn't pass. Prop 23 was hammered out of existence; voters chose NO by a 2-1 margin, which is a major "fuck you" to the big oil interests that were backing Prop 23.

Furthermore, California voters chose to suspend the 2/3 requirement for passing a state budget, going back to a simple majority, while keeping the 2/3 requirement to raise taxes.

All in all, I did my part. My fellow Californians chose wisely, in the main. And I'm not accepting any attempts to smear me, or us, with anybody's guilt trip.

Non, je ne regrette rien.

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