Monday, April 11, 2011

Jesse Jr Calls It A Spade

With his usual fearless propensity for calling a spade a spade, Jesse Jackson Jr, (a man whom I heartily admire), weighed in with the following comment on the so-called "budget compromise". So-called because we all know what it really was, it was Obama wimping out and giving in to the Republicans without a fight, again. Betraying those he was elected to represent, again. Stabbing us in the back, again.

Ahem, right, Jesse Jr's analysis -

"The people paying the $39 billion price tag to keep the government open did nothing to cause the economic predicament in which we find ourselves. Yet the very people who negotiated tonight’s deal are the same people who rewarded the most fortunate in our society with over $800 billion in tax cuts last December."

Oh yes, I love it. Eloquent, succinct, and most of all, true.

Read the full story at Crew of 42, a blog following the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, or CBC.

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