Sunday, August 15, 2010

Conservative Paranoia

For those who have not heard me say so before, I'm a Californian. And I genuinely like Texans. California and Texas are the bookends of the region referred to as the American South-West; we share a common culture, and a common history.

But there seems to be something in the water in Texas lately, that is causing Conservatives to lose all contact with reality, and engage in wild, ranting tirades about non-existent threats.

The following video of Congressman Louie Gohmert raving about "terror babies" and the "gaping hole in America's security" is over 9 minutes long. But once you've endured the first two minutes, you've heard everything he has to say. From that point he just repeats himself in a classic example of the Big Lie technique.

Well, that was amusing, but it's just this one lunatic, right?

Well, no, actually. Here's another example, although she's only a State Representative. Apologies for the lack of embeddable video.

And yet, in a very real sense, the fact that these two reactionary idiots are baying at the moon is not the worrisome part. The truly worrisome part is the number of my fellow Americans who are actually willing to take such nonsense seriously.

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  1. I guess one of the few silver linings is that the mainstream media is challenging these right-wingers on these ludicrous claims.