Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dems Fold Again

Well, the news out of DC is grim as hell, but I cannot claim it's unexpected.

The Democrats are apparently set to bend us over and spread our cheeks for the Republicans, again. And this time, we're not even getting any Astroglide.

You can read the story at The Hill linked above, but the gist of it is $3 Trillion, (yes, Trillion), in cuts to things like Social Security and Medicare, with no additional revenue at all. None, zilch, zip, nada, bupkis. Not even closing any tax loopholes, let alone actually raising taxes rates on the ultra-rich, who are paying less taxes now than at any time in the last 75 years. Oh, no, the Republicans insist that we must not tax the "job creators".

But there's a problem with that label. Over 90% of the new wealth created in the last decade has gone to the uber-rich. Yet, at the same time, the US job market has seen its worst decade since the Great Depression. If the ultra-rich are the job creators, where are the jobs they should have created in the last decade, with all that new money they made? Obviously, those jobs were not created. So, clearly, labeling the ultra-wealthy as "job creators" is total bullshit.

And where is our Fearless Leader in all of this? Wringing his hands and playing the Peevish Professor, or scolding us like "Dad" in some 1950's black and white TV show. Gee, Mr President, I'm really sorry. Can I have a job now, please?

My "wishful thinking" side cannot help but imagine how different this could be if Hilary had won the Democratic nomination back in 2008. The woman is not a saint by any means; if anything she's a ball-busting bitch. But I doubt she'd have gotten herself into this ugly a budget mess in the first place, and if she did, I'm sure she'd have the courage to fight her way out of it.

Gods have mercy, but we are so well and truly screwed.

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  1. Hardcore Conservatards and Libtards need to get over themselves! The entire right-wing vs. left-wing dynamic of our political system exists solely to keep the American people DIVIDED! The time has come to end all that crap and tell our elected representatives that WE WON'T STAND FOR IT ANY LONGER! America is OUR country, not their plaything! We need an END to tax loopholes for corporations who export American Jobs! We need an end to tax loopholes for the ultra wealthy that allow them to pay a lower percentage of their income than the middle class! We need our government to STOP spending hundreds of billions of dollars every year on FOREIGN COUNTRIES! We need to stop rampant pork barrel spending! We need to secure our southern border and stop giving free things to millions of illegal aliens! WE NEED TO DO ALL THESE THINGS AND MORE, AND WE NEED TO START DOING THEM RIGHT NOW IF WE EXPECT THERE TO BE AN AMERICA FOR THE NEXT GENERATION!