Friday, July 15, 2011

New Golden Gate Bridge, Made In China

The New Golden Gate Bridge, Made In China

Yes, sadly enough, I'm serious. The replacement for the old Golden Gate Bridge, to stretch across the San Francisco Bay to Oakland, is being made in China.

The claim is that the state of California has saved "millions" in labor costs by building the bridge in Shanghai. But let's think about that. If those millions had been paid to California workers, what would have been different?

They'd have paid income tax, to both Federal and California governments.
They'd have paid Social Security taxes on that money.
They'd have spent that money here in California.
The follow-on effects would have generated more millions in economic activity.
And we'd have an American-made bridge.

So, given that all of this is painfully obvious, my questions are as follows.

Why hasn't the mainstream media reported on this?
Who was bribed to make this happen?
Who profits from this boondoggle, other than the Chinese?

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  1. Yet another example of the false economy of outsourcing American jobs. I imagine the MSM hasn't reported on this because their masters have instructed them not to do so...

    As for the answers to your other questions...if you find out who was bribed to make it happen I imagine you'll find at least ONE of the parties who is profiting from this boondoggle...follow their chain to see whose lap dog they are and you should find the rest.