Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clinton Vows Help To Create Jobs

Yes, boys and girls, that's right! Our fearless Secretary of State has today vowed help to create jobs. Oh, but not in the USA, this was in Tunisia.

Here are a few lovely quotes for your further enjoyment -

"we will stand with you as you make the transition to democracy, and prosperity and a better future," she said.

Hmm, say Madam Secretary, could we get some of that here at home for the 99ers, please? You know, the folks that you supposedly work for, us Americans? Remember us?

Clinton said she and Kefi discussed a number of ways Washington could help with moving the country forward, including US assistance to those who will draft Tunisia's new constitution and in creating jobs.

Uhh, Madam Secretary? Could we get some of that "moving the country forward" and " creating jobs" here at home in the USA? You know, the country you supposedly work for? Remember us?

"We need a plan for economic development, for jobs. The Tunisian people deserve that," she told reporters, saying the US would take part in a donors' conference later this year to help the North African nation.

Ahh, I see, the Tunisian people deserve that, but the American people do not? Could you explain to us, please, Madam Secretary, the impeccable logic by which you reasoned to that conclusion, please, Ma'am? And what about a donors' conference for the 99ers?

Clinton said she would also push for $20m for Tunisia to "respond to some of their needs" after Tunisian officials requested US help, but hinted at more aid. "We need to have a very big commitment to Tunisia, [so] that we can be ready to help them economically as well as with their democratic transformation," she said.

Madam Secretary, I don't mean to sound like a broken record here, but why is there $20M now and "more aid" later, a "very big committment" to use your own words, for Tunisia, but no money at all and no committment of any size for the 99ers?

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