Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Endless Human Capacity For Art

(Photo courtesy of EPA)

I am not an artist by nature, I am more of an engineer, (Or a jack-leg mechanic, to be completely honest), but there are moments when I am stopped cold by something that reaches out and bites me on the ass and shouts, "Hey Moron! Wake up and pay attention, this is Art!"

There are moments when I am truly humbled by nature's beauty, or by the realisation that some of my fellow human beings possess a quality which I utterly lack.

The photo above does not encompass "great art" in the sense that the Sistine Chapel does. The greatness lies in what it says about the human spirit.

The new Libyan flag, (which is actually the old pre-Gaddafi Libyan flag), in the shape of a heart, applied to the warhead of an RPG. I fully understand that some of you will react with "Uhh, so what?", and that's fine. But it speaks to me, and I am guessing that I will not be the only one.

Fat old armchair types like me, pontificating endlessly in wordy, overblown prose, that's one thing. Fat old politicians in expensive suits blowing out hot air on cue from their corporate masters, for the consumption of the formulaic corporate media, that means even less.

But a man who is willing to shoulder an RPG and wait by the road for Gaddafi's tanks to show up, that is a commitment of a rather higher order. Agree with his politics or not, you have to admit he has balls. And when he makes a statement of patriotism with that sticker, you have to admit that is not an empty boast.

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