Saturday, March 5, 2011

Raging Racism In California (updated 3/10/11)

Update - Censorship at YouTube happens all the time. The video in question may now be seen at this new location.

The video below documents one of the ugliest things I have ever seen in the Golden State. The blatant racist bigotry on display is utterly disgusting, even for a Conservatard stronghold like Orange County. This is like something out of Mississippi in the 1950's, with even elected public officials standing up and spouting racist hatred of an unbelievably vitriolic nature.

Enough of my indignant sputtering. Watch the video, which was first aired on
(Open Salon users can view the video here)

The first of my ancestors came to California in the 1840's, during the final years when it was still a part of Mexico. I have always been "prouder nor a banty rooster" of my state. When Europeans ask me if I'm an American, I say "Well, Californian...", because I'm damned proud of the distinction. Love us or hate us, nobody will deny that Californians are different.

And seeing shit like this taking place in my state simply infuriates me beyond words. There is a certain unreconstructed, atavistic part of my character that feels the urge to rush down there and beat the crap out of every one of those bigoted assholes. Fortunately, I'm too old and fat for street-fighting, so the urge goes nowhere; jail was bad enough at 17, it would truly suck at 51.

And wouldn't you know it, who was at least partially behind this ugly display of xenophobic hatred? Rabbi David Eliezrie of Chabad Yorba Linda. Uh huh. Never again, eh?

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