Friday, February 18, 2011

Bahrain Doctor Pleads For Help

You will have heard by now that the Army in Bahrain attacked the demonstrators in Pearl Roundabout during the early hours of Thursday morning.

This morning, the demonstrators reformed their ranks and returned to Pearl Roundabout, which has been become the center of resistance in Bahrain, just as Tahrir Square was in Egypt. The army opened fire indiscriminately on the peaceful crowd, and casualties appear to have been in the hundreds.

The following video is a phone interview with doctor Ghassan of Sulamaniya Hospital, overlaid with raw video footage of the city. I will not even attempt to comment at this time.

As you watch and listen, make allowances, please, for the circumstances. The good doctor is obviously quite upset, but I dare say you and I would be equally upset, in his shoes.

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