Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Elsewhere in the Middle East

Elsewhere in the Middle East, the King of Jordan dismissed his entire cabinet two days ago, scrambling frantically to head off growing protests in his kingdom.

And today the President of Yemen is backing down frantically in the face of mass protests, publicly abandoning the idea of becoming President for life, vowing not to run again, and promising that his son will not succeed him.

Well, well, well! It does make my wicked old heart go pitty-pat to see such a wave of popular anger sweeping the Middle East, to see rulers quaking in their boots, to see the Zionists gape in consternation as their whole jerrymandered power structure of tame tyrants sways in the hot wind of popular rage. Oy gevalt!

But what will it take to bring this wave of reform to the shores of our own nation? What must we do to awaken the sleeping masses of complacent Americans?

Is it even possible?

And how long will it be until Sarah Palin has something colossally stupid to say on the subject?

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  1. Hey Red,
    Miss you @ TYT. It's gotten stagnant there. I see, and am heartened by, that you're still blogging strong.

    I am afraid that the only signs of populist uprising I've seen are coming from the Tea Party and others of their type.

    I was able to find another source of good strong journalism at The Exiled. Check them out sometime, if you don't already know about them, that is.