Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Struggle In Egypt Goes On

While Mubarak scrambles to try to stay in office, the protesters who demand his removal turned out in major force again today. The video below shows hundreds of thousands of protestors in Cairo's central Tahrir square again today, and thousands more in Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city.

The issues here are being seriously mis-reported in US mainstream media. The politician Sulieman, whom Mubarak has appointed as his new Vice-President, is the former head of the secret police, and has blood up to his elbows. This man is absolutely not a fit candidate to steer the country through a period of transition. He is a criminal and belongs in a prison cell, not an executive office.

It was amusing to watch the US and Israel and scrambling frantically to try to save their puppet Mubarak. It is not at all amusing that they appear to be having some success. You see, they cannot save Mubarak personally in the long-term; if nothing else, he will die of old age soon. What the Zionists, both here and in Israel, need to do is simply to preserve the existing power structure in Egypt. They need to maintain their puppet government which will do its part to keep the Palestinians bottled up, and repress the desire of the Egyptian people for revenge upon Israel.

What the Arabic world desperately needs right now is another Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, who is remembered in the Western world as Saladin. Yes, I'm aware that Saladin was a Kurd, not an Arab. But those he led to victory after victory were in large part Arabs; Egypt and Palestine were the lands of his greatest victories.

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