Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hilary's Hypocrisy

On Tuesday night, Hilary Clinton was giving a speech at George Washington University. The theme of her speech was condemnation of dictators who use violence against peaceful protesters.

In the audience, a 71-year old veteran named Ray McGovern silently stood up, displaying his "Veterans For Peace" t-shirt, and turned his back on Secretary Clinton. As McGovern stood there, saying nothing, he was tackled from behind by security, beaten bloody, and dragged out the door to a waiting jail cell.

All of this took place right in front of Mrs Clinton, where she could not possibly fail to see it. She said nothing, and did nothing, but simply carried on with her canned speech.

Hypocrisy, dear reader, means saying one thing and doing the opposite. It means espousing a principle at the same time you are violating that principle. Why is it acceptable to Mrs Clinton that her own security brutally attacks peaceful protesters, but unacceptable that others do so?

Let there be no doubt where I stand on this issue; such actions are always unacceptable to me.

The article at Open Mike is here.

But good luck finding any coverage of this story anywhere in the MSM (MainStream Media). It did not happen, as far as the corporate-controlled talking heads are concerned. I went to just now and searched for anything about the story; there was not a word.

Is there any remaining doubt that the MSM are completely a creature of the power elites? Is there any remaining doubt that the only "free press" left in the USA is online? And that online freedom, my friends, is very much under siege.

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